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pluscloud VMware

30 days free trial
pluscloud VMware

Why pluscloud VMware?

  • pluscloud VMware is a highly available VMware cloud that you can purchase as a cost-effective public cloud, private cloud, or even locally in your data center as a service.
  • As one of two German clouds, pluscloud VMware meets the requirements of the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative, guaranteeing you maximum data sovereignty.
  • Stay in your familiar vSphere environment while enjoying the benefits of the cloud with pluscloud VMware.
  • Take advantage of this free trial opportunity for your own cloud applications.

This is how it works:

  • Fill out the form and request your test access to pluscloud VMware.
  • You will receive a link to confirm your e-mail address.
  • We will then send you the access data for your pluscloud VMware within 30 minutes.

Please note:

  • The offer is available exclusively to corporate and public sector customers.
  • The free trial has no SLA.
  • Technical support during business hours only.
  • Your trial account is non-binding and will automatically expire when your trial environment is terminated.

Start your free trial now

24/7 support and managed services

Focus on yourself - free up your IT team with personalized, English-language support and managed services.

Resources on demand

After your trial period, you can customize pluscloud VMware to meet your exact needs. Powerful 2 GHz and 3 GHz CPUs (Xeon/Epyc), optional GPUs, and multiple classes of storage with and without replication are available.

Fully integrated backup

Backup the VMs created in pluscloud VMware with just a few clicks using the web interface. Even automatically for entire environments.

Privacy down to the host

Experience fully segregated hosts with private pluscloud VMware on demand to meet high compliance requirements.



Peter Pellio

"As a law firm, it is not only reliability and optimal performance that are important to us when using a cloud solution. It is also essential for us to meet the compliance requirements of the GDPR and professional law. The hybrid cloud solution based on pluscloud VMware from plusserver fully meets all our requirements."

Peter Pellio
Managing Partner & Partner responsible for IT
Dr. Dienst & Partner


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